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Anno 2014 it would be an expensive mistake to ignore audience segments in any stage of the sales funnel. A substantial increase in revenue can be realized by distinguishing different types of audiences in all online automated decisions. We advice to take the audience to which a consumer belongs into consideration while determining content in real time. This is applicable to content that is shown both on site and off site. This will boost your online conversions spectacularly.


The following steps are executed:
  • Formulate the objective
  • Determine the audiences
  • Generate attributes that are relevant for your business
  • Find the most optimal predictive models with audiences and other attributes
  • Formulate the objective in terms of the model outcomes
  • Integrate the models in the decision making engines


Next, the outcomes of the analysis are activated in a production environment of the e-commerce website. An external decision engine is queried or the model is directly linked to the software.